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Laura Notari

Art for Rent

Art rental is a flexible way to add a stylish touch to your interior. Whether you're selling a house and need some large artworks to bring life to your rooms or fitting out an office or decking out your fully furnished rental property, or embellish your own home. Laura has a variety of options to suit your needs.

Laura has artworks in a variety of sizes and styles ready to rent immediately. It's best to get in touch with us as soon as you can to make sure the art you need is available for you when you need it!

Echoes of Solitude

Rental fees are 2,5% of the sale value of the artwork, charged at a monthly rate. Our artworks are available for short, medium and long term rental arrangements. 

Imminent I

Firstly you need to let us know what artwork you want. Browse through Laura's gallery to chose artworks that suit your space.

Imminent I

Think about the sizes and orientations that will work best for you (remember Laura Notari can also create art in any size).

Taboo and Emotional Ambivalence I & II
Imminent I

Or you can send us photos of your space, descriptions of colour schemes and floor plans and Laura can make recommendations for you.

Once we have your requirements and selected your artwork we will send you a quotation and agreement.

Melbourne I & II
he Conflict Between Primitive Feelings and the Demands of Civilization II

Approve the quote and arrange the payment:

We'll send you an artwork rental agreement, which explains all the details of your rental.

You just need to send us an email approving the agreement.

Remember that you’re never locked into a contract you can terminate the agreement at any stage with 1 weeks notice.

We will need payment before we send you the artworks.

We accept payment by credit card, paypal or bank transfer.

Imminent I

Short Term Rental: All we need is payment of the agreed rental term + delivery fees*

Medium Term Rental: Payment of the first month of the agreed rental term + delivery fees*

Long Term Rental: Payment of the first 2 months of the agreed rental term + delivery fees*

*Delivery Fees: applies on artworks bigger than 80x80cms and/or the location is not T'Gooi area in The Netherlands.

Artworks smaller than 80x80cms and in T'Gooi area are delivered for free.

Serendipity III

Hang you artwork and enjoy!

We’ll arrange delivery details with you and then carefully package the artwork up ready to deliver.

The artwork is packaged in a reusable box - so please hang onto this so you can send the art back to us at the end of the rental period.

All of our artworks come ready to hang with hanging cord or wire attached at the back.

We can assist you with the installation if this is required.

Imminent I

At the end of the rental term you can:

Buy the artwork: If you love it, why not keep it! Ask us for a quote and the artwork can be yours to keep.


Select New Artworks: You can choose a selection of new artworks to rent from Laura's gallery. We will arrange return delivery of our existing artworks and prepare the new artworks to be delivered to you.


End the Agreement: We'll be in touch to arrange the collection of the artwork from your home. You just need to repackage it in the reusable box that we used to send the art to you in the first place.

Serendipity II
The Naughty Pink Panther III

Laura also can show you the artworks that you like for free in your own environment. No strings attached.
In your house you decide whether you want to buy or rent the work and otherwise she’ll simply take it back.

Laura also offer the option to pay off the artwork of your choice in 6 or 12 months, interest-free!

Get a quote!

Thanks for submitting!

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