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Laura Notari

About Laura Notari

Bring colourful art to your life!


My chromatic works are carefully balanced featuring wide brushstrokes that are quite dynamic, the result of the tension between the conscious and the unconscious. I think, I am able to transmit with just a few strokes or the agglutination of various materials, a surprising final result. I consistently express my passionate and inquisitive character in my colourful abstract paintings, adventurous works that push the bounds of creativity with experimentation, brilliant colours and textures.If you have something special in mind, colours, textures, sizes, or a place to allocate the painting, please book an appointment and we can have a chat about it.

Commissions are open for 2024!

Artist Profile 

A Creative Journey...

Laura Notari is a contemporary artist and public accountant. Throughout her life she trained with several renowned painters and fine artists. Laura embarked on a trip around the world to learn about different cultures and their social struggles. This inspired her to use her art as a tool to address global issues and empower women. She is an artist who goes beyond conventional artistic expression, using her talents to create a significant impact on the world, promoting sustainability and gender equality through her inspiring art. She is free and intuitive in painting and recognizes that art can change the way we think.

Laura was born and raised in Argentina, her roots are Spanish, and she currently lives in the Netherlands. From an early age, she demonstrated innate artistic talent and continued to realize her creative passion. She paints to express herself, but it is also important for her to create something pleasing to the eye. She loves to work with acrylics and inks adding different textures such as papers, embroidery, fabrics, sand, cement and sustainable materials, which are inspired and reveal the expressive elements of nature, light, texture and colors that make her works very vibrant and impressive.

Laura Notari works in her studio in Hilversum, Netherlands, and in addition to teaching and encouraging people to get involved in this wonderful world of being a visual artist, she founded her own “Laura Notari Art Foundation”, which in principle, has as main objective to help disadvantaged children embark on an artistic journey and strive to achieve their creative potential.

Laura Notari
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